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After one month in Thailand


First month is over. It was at the same time easier and more intensive than we expected. At the moment everything is going smoothly, with no bigger problems, sudden changes of plans. Before us first border. Laos. I’m leaving Thailand with great sentiment for this country. Land of the free people, as literal translation of the word Thailand says. I really feel this freedom everywhere here.

Everyone is doing what he/she wants, lives in the present, instead of past or future and allows others to also live as they wish. There is no confrontation, nobody shows anger or disappointment.

Theoretically simple, but at the same time everything here is so contrast.

Thailand, the country of prostitution, human trafficking is also a place of tolerance, peace and good will.

How do they combine all those things?

You walk down the street and on one side you see the older European men with Thai, young girls, on the other hand a lot of people whose sex is difficult to guess, far beyond the European understanding of masculinity and femininity. And none of that seems to be a problem.

On the street you almost don’t see the beggars. Although it is difficult to compare the Thai standard of living with the European one, people don’t die of hunger, it seems that everyone somehow is able to find a place to sleep and something to eat. If not on one of the street stalls with very cheap food, people find food on the trees, fields: nature of Thailand is full of it.

A moment of hesitation on the street and for sure somebody comes to propose help. And if she or he doesn’t know the answers, they will give any, just to avoid a situation in which they have to admit that they don’t know how to help. In consequence you may go in exactly opposite direction or get the wrong bus. But there again, someone will want to help. Somehow.

You are looking for accommodation? Go to the temple. Or to the police station. You want to hitchhike? Waiting should take no longer than 10 minutes. Probably the driver won’t speak English, and most likely at the end he/she will anyway take you to the bus station, but on the way they will give you at least a bottle of water, and quite possibly also the fruit, coffee or dinner. The cost of living? Beside tourist attractions really minimal. Philosophy? Truly Buddhist. Approach? Sabai Sabai (take it easy, let it go)

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