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10 things we want to focus on more in the next year

  1. BEING HERE AND NOW, meditating, doing yoga, concentrate on the present moment

  2. NATURE, admiring its beauty, feeling connected with animals, plants, Earth

  3. BALANCE between different kinds of projects, experiences, people, between working and relaxing, planning and acting, thinking and feeling, being together and being alone

  4. COMMUNITY, meeting people who live and act as a group, society, community, joining them, observing, learning, enjoying, being

  5. GOOD FOOD, healthy, fair, organic, balanced in quality and quantity

  6. ART, both admiring art of others and creating our own

  7. MOVE, understood as physical work or discovering places by walking, rather than any particular kind of sport

  8. UNDERSTANING the places we go to, their reality, history, reasons for things to be that way, life of people, their habits, culture, language

  9. APPRECIATION without judgment, of the people we met, the places, the experiences, the circumstances 1

  10. LOVE each other, the world itself and each of its element, being human or not

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