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Follow your heart


Ok, let's do it. Let's go through our love story - obviously a #MileStoneExperience. ;) It happened during the Erasmus, described in one of the previous posts. But no, it was not love at first sight. Quite the opposite, I believed Andrea, which I met since the beginning of my time there, was boring. It took me half a year to have the first interesting conversation with him. But even then things didn't get easier; first of all I was travelling a lot and secondly we had quite a different sense of time. If Andrea said he would be around midnight in Praca do Peixe - main aggregation spots in the city -, I would be there at midnight and Andrea no earlier than 2am, when I was already sleeping since a while. Finally, we decided to go for a coffee just few days before I was supposed to leave Portugal. And something clicked. We agreed for the next meeting. And next, as departure day was approaching. But when we were just about to say good bye, my friend Marcin - with whom I was supposed to hitchhike back to Poland - told me he had to postpone one day to finish some exam. So we met for another last meeting with Andrea. And then John called again asking for one more day. So we organized the next last meeting with Andrea. And it kept going like this for 5 days. And you know how it is with last meetings ... they are very emotional. Even if you do five of them. ;) I left Aveiro in tears and deeply in love, although not sure we would ever meet again, as the situation was a bit complicated. But two weeks later, I hitchhiked back to Portugal, ignoring all rational thoughts. I just followed my heart, without questioning it. The brains harping on could easily destroy the plan, fortunately I'm good at switching them off. ;) Now, 9 years later, I'm absolutely sure it was the best decision I made in my life. Follow your heart. It really knows better.

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