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Next #MileStoneExperience I want to tell you about is my Erasmus. If you had a chance to go for six months or one year student exchange, I'm sure you deeply agree - it's absolutely a life changing, unforgettable time. I decided I wanted to do the Erasmus quite early, but it took me 3 years to pass on my duties in scouting and other organizations so to be free enough to go. When finally the time came I was sure I wanted to apply for one year and pretty convinced to do it in Aveiro, a small Portuguese city, where few years ago Mateusz did his Erasmus. But Portugal was not an option to choose in the application. Stubborn enough I went to the office to ask if by chance I could apply anyway and they told me that yes, actually Portugal was a choice, but they sent papers too late and couldn't be added to the application form anymore (Portuguese friends, sounds familiar? ;) ). So I applied and it goes without saying, I didn't have any competitor because nobody else knew Portugal was available. ;) So, after few months I ended up in Aveiro. What did I learn there? An enormous amount of things - coming alone to a new culture, without knowing the language is a challenge and a great chance for development. But the number one lesson was definitely how to deal with diversity, with people coming from completely different backgrounds. Aveiro was a melting pot of people from all over the world, we studied together, we partied together, we travelled and created projects together. It was not easy to go through all the differences, but diversity, once we learned to communicate and collaborate properly, was our super-power - we could do things in a much better, richer and more creative way, we could find and implement more complex solutions and we could learn from each other, opening our own horizons.

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