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How did you start?


#AskAQuestion. Today we combine two questions: 1. How did you start? and 2. Before you got to know each other, each of you had thought about such a nomadic lifestyle? As for Anna, she was always into changes and doing million things at the same time. She studied three university courses at the same time, learning intensively two languages and giving all her free time to scouting, where she performed three different roles. But till her 25 everything happened in one place, in Lodz - her home-town. As we mentioned in a previous #MileStoneExperience post, it took her few years to free herself from all the duties and be able to go for one year Erasmus exchange to Portugal; that was meant to be the beginning of a new life, she planned to use the fact she doesn't have any more responsibilities to start travelling around the world just after the Erasmus. There was no specific plan yet, just a strong desire. But, well, she fell in love and all those adventurous travelling dreams simply disappeared. Or – in fact - got postponed. Andrea, instead, was already exploring quite a lot, but in a different way than we do today, he rather moved to different places for long periods of time, he studied 4 years in Portugal, lived few months in France, in S. Korea, UK; even in Italy itself he spent many years in Bologna and one in Verona, none of which is his home-town. We are actually very different from many points of view. Andrea needs quite some time in a place to start to feel good in it. Anna after one year is completely done and needs a change. Andrea is much more rooted: family, the same group of friends, community, favorite meeting spots, where people recognize you and know what you want. Anna instead is addicted to changes, she is like a runner from Flights, Tokarczuk book. Anna takes decisions faster, but she also quickly changes her mind. Andrea needs time but once he sets is mind (and heart), he just go for it without any doubt or waver. The same was for deciding about quitting stability and hitting the road. Anna settled on leaving almost at the same moment in which the thought appeared, or maybe rather reappeared in her mind. Andrea needed few months. Fortunately, he had not quite found his perfect dimension at work that time so it was easier to stop and leave. At the beginning we thought we would travel few years. Being more precise, Andrea thought about one year, Anna about three. When Andrea started to accept the idea of three years, Anna moved to five. And when Andrea realized that less than five years would be unlikely, Anna saw already a nomadic life as something she could do for the rest of her life. Anna had already some short terms experiences using Couchsurfing, volunteering, hitchhiking. For Andrea this world was quite new. On the other hand he was much better prepared to adjust to new cultures and find himself in any place in the world. We are lucky to have very different skills, attitude, but also weaknesses. We don't think any of us would be able to travel for such a long time alone. To sum up, we guess we had some nomadic spirit inside before meeting each other. But only this constellation of skills and love which brings courage allow us to actually wake them up fully. And once we started.... once you start to travel seriously, in some sense there is no way back. Don't hesitate to ask more questions, by commenting here or with a private message!

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