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What makes you hopeful?


#AskAQuestion: What makes hopeful you (if you are) or any of the changemaker you've met on the way? Decision. We believe that being hopeful or optimist is a matter of choice, sometimes despite the evidence. Quite a few changemakers mentioned that you need to be a bit crazy, a bit naive to follow this path. But is there actually any other choice? We can sit, cry, complain, think it's “their” fault, but it won't change anything. On the long run it will make us miserable. Instead, if we start to act there is quite a high chance we won't reach significant results. But ... first of all, changemaking is not about massive operations, it's about little deeds taken by enough people all over the world. And secondly, getting involved gives us energy and purpose, brings us closer to other people and makes it possible to share with them our hopes and our fears on a much deeper level. When the moment of doubt comes - and to us it comes quite often - we just let it be for a while. And next morning, or few days after, we refresh our conscious decision of having hope or at least acting as if we had it. The fact of being together in this plays a big role in reversing the tide, when one is down the other liven him/her up and vice versa. We never know what's the real impact and result of our actions. We may not be able to make significant changes, we alone cannot stop climate change, eradicate poverty or bring more awareness and happiness to humankind. But we can make one person smile. One plant grow. Give a bit of hope and appreciation to those around. Every revolution is built up by the slow evolutionary process of getting ready. And sometimes... sometimes hope comes back with a treat. A good cup of coffee. A beautiful sunrise. A hug. A deep, conscious breath. Realizing that what's here and now may be much more important and much more real than all the thoughts troubling our mind. Don't hesitate to ask more questions, by commenting here or with a private message!

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