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Traveling after pandemia

Italy is finally opening for good. We can even start to travel. Still not too far, not for too long, but even a weekend bike trip gave us so much joy! We took Andrea's parents city bikes, found the way to attach 2 small bags, the mates and a tent and just started to ride toward the mountains and the beautiful settings of Furlo Pass . Without big preparation, without special equipment, without even thinking too much, overwhelmed by excitement. The true is, though, that recently thinking about travelling brings us more doubts and worries than happiness. We miss our nomadic lifestyle, sharing daily routine with local people from different cultures, organizing workshops with them and volunteering in different ways. We are afraid this kind of travelling – based on couchsurfing, workaway, hitchhiking - won't be possible for long, long time if ever again. We fear backpacking will change, as people are less willing to trust, to open their houses to other people, more suspicious toward foreigners. Governments want to control our movements, nationalism has grown, social distancing is still recommended in most parts of the world. Will it get back to previous standards? What do you think about it? We are very curious about your thoughts concerning travelling after the pandemic. How do you imagine it? What will change? What are you afraid about? What do you hope for?

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