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What after corona?


Much of the world is slowly opening up after #corona lockdown. In Italy, were we are now, people can go for a walk, most of the shops got unshuttered, there are much less controls on mobility. Still bars and restaurants are closed, people can't travel between regions but it seems that in few days, maybe weeks, also that will change. On the one hand we are super happy, after nearly two months being close within four walls, having a walk along the sea seems like touching paradise. On the other hand, we are not used anymore to a hectic pace of life, noise, cars, so many people around. Being always busy, in a rush, barely having time for relax and reflection. And reflection seems to be something we really need right now. The lockdown changed our habits. A lot of people started to practice yoga or other kind of sport, make food at home, spend more time with their family and/or in nature, come back to reading books. As for us, we created a very efficient routine, during which we were able to progress with our work, spend time outside working on the farm, meditate at least 20 minutes per day, do yoga, have time for deeper discussions and relax together. Now things will change. Society pressure and expectations are coming back. What do we take with us from the lockdown? Which of our new habits we want to keep, which will pop off like soap bubbles? A lot of us miss the "normal life", but what normal means to us right now?Did this concept change meanwhile? It's both an individual and a very collective question. What kind of world we want to rebuild? What kind of values should be the basis of our new beginning? Should we come back to business as usual? Overconsuming, overdoing, overrushing? Do we manage to keep with us a bit of peace, review our values and understanding what's important? For how long we will be able to remember how precious is a good coffee at the bar, the hug of our friend, the sun on our skin before we get used to it again, before most of the pleasure will pale in careless expectations and unmindful actions?

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