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What keeps you ground on in difficult times?


#AskAQuestion: Is there a book, thought, activity/routine etc you especially ground on in difficult times? Interesting question. We didn't give it much thought before, but analysing a bit what we actually do in difficult times I would say that first of all we let them be and try to accept that they are part of life, part of the cycle. A couple of years ago we got inspired by a series of workshops and talks related to cycles and this topic came back in different forms (for example the Hero's Journey concept, which we refreshed in the training where we met the person who asked this question ;) ). We can see clearly bigger and smaller cycles coming back in sort of patterns. Usually a crisis pops up after 6 months travelling, for example. Knowing it doesn't make us be prepared when it comes, but at least it allows not to chew over the low mood for too long. And we just go through it as much as we go through other life experiences. What helps us in different crisis is first of all reminding ourselves why we do what we do, what are our values and believes, what are our strengths and why we chose this path in the first place. Then, realizing how lucky we are - I seriously believe we are among the luckiest people in the world - being born in a specific part of the world, where we always had access to food, shelter, education. We are healthy and physically able to do most things we can dream about. We never experienced serious or long-lasting violence of any kind. We have the chance to travel, having enough resources or possibilities to get them, language preparation, not being obliged to do other things instead. We were given the freedom to take our own decisions and be whoever we want to be. As for an activity, slowing down is helpful to us. Going to nature. Meditating. Breathing deeply and just trying to come back here and now. Nature especially brings us a big relief, help to see things from perspective, to stop the race of thoughts and emotions. To the point that we made “spending a decent amount of time in nature” a key factor in our decision-making. Also meeting people, especially changemakers, can dissipate the flow of negative thoughts and bring hope. In fact our interviews gift us a big burst of energy and belief. And the book... I definitely recommend Hope in the Dark from Rebecca Solnit. Every time I start to feel what we do doesn't make sense, I recall that book. Don't hesitate to ask more questions, by commenting here or with a private message! :)

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