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Why did you choose to live in a community? And why Arterra?

#YearOfCommunity - Your questions: Why did you choose to live in a community? And why Arterra?

In the questionnaire organised for Anna's birthday you asked several questions about communities and we are happy to answer them one by one. Let's start from this: "Why did you choose to live in a community?" Living in a community was always in the back of our minds. We knew that if we paused travelling one day, it would be to try and see if we can actually be a part of a community and to understand what it implies in the long run. We do believe intentional communities and ecovillages in particular are changemaking places which on the one hand can create a sustainable, ecological and self-sufficient environment, on the other provide a sense of belonging and mutual support. That feeling of being part of a tribe we kind of lost in our modern society. Communities and ecovillages showcase tangible solutions for today's crises, such as climate change, social exclusion, overuse of resources, loneliness, mental health problems, etc. We were particularly interested in finding a place which not only shares resources and facilitates co-living but it's also focused on changing the world for better and Arterra is definitely such a place. Arterra meets other criterias we identified during various visits in communities all around the world and are important to match with our caratchers. There are spaces for shared moments but also separate apartments where we can be on our own, without interacting with people, which from time to time is also needed. They have an independent economy, in which everyone earns for their own expenses, but also contributes with time and responsibilities to the wellbeing and the development of the community. They work with sociocracy and are very aware of challenges connected to communication, decision making, conflict solving and are open to talk about them. They are also open to experiment, to learn, to see what works and what doesn't and they are dedicated to their work, mission and vision of the community. Many of you also asked how long we plan to stay in Arterra. We struggled with this question for a while, but at the end we came up with the same answer we always gave to people who asked us for how long we planned to travel - We do it till we change our mind :)

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