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The most difficult is to say goodbye


The most difficult is to say goodbye. I’m never prepared for that. It always seems to me that this time would be different, that I’m already used to, it won’t be as dramatic as before. And I believe it till the last moment, when the real time of saying see you comes. See you which will probably never happen. Hugs, my hand in their hands long enough to put tears in the eyes. There is no word which in those moments has any sense.

Two week with the community of Wang Khunphrom was unforgettable experience. Not only because we had the chance to live in the middle of the jungle, try trekking in amazing mountains of Khao Sok National Park, bamboo rafting and above all we spent the night on floating houses on Ratchaprapha Dam which is one of the most beautiful place I’ve seen in my life. What really made this experience to be so unique was the possibility of being a part of real community, observing them day by day, their happiness, challenges, relations, their working and resting together. Today I feel I would be able to quit everything and simply start to live there. It’s not even 24 hours since we left that place but I already miss it so much, I see in my mind all the faces, smiles of women, men, children…

I start to cry again.

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