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The cheesecake is not exactly a typical Italian recipe (with Greek origins, it has developed the style known today in the United States), so this post falls a little outside the intent of this culinary sub-section, telling about the culture of a country through its cuisine. But in this period, while our backpacks are on vacation and we enjoy our homes, we do not set aside our values, such as responsible consumption. Although kaki is a very sweet fruit and among the few in this season (i.e. autumn / winter in temperate climate, like Italy) it is not of a great use in the kitchen and it is not much consumed. So, we propose it over a nice layer of cheese!

The cheesecake is a very versatile dessert that really allows for great fun: base, intermediate layer and cover can be prepared in a thousand different ways, provided that a consistent layer of dairy products is present. We have made one (at the suggestion of my sister, Raffaella) practical and fast, based on milk cream and yogurt.


500 mg of plain Yogurt

200 mL of milk cream for desserts

5 persimmons

5-6 tablespoons of sugar

80g of ladyfingers

18g of isinglass

0.5 glass of milk

2 glasses of water

1 tablespoon of a flavored alcohol (maraschino, alchermes or creola)


Put 12g of isinglass to soak in 1 glass of water.

Whip the milk cream. Add 3-4 tablespoons of sugar, mix and add the yogurt. Remove the gelatin sheets and place them in lukewarm milk. Once melted, add it to the cream.

Heat 1 cup of water and dissolve in it 1 tablespoon of sugar. Once lukewarm, add the spirit. Cover a pan (preferably a springform pan) with baking paper, moistening it so that it adheres well to the side. Pass one by one the biscuits into the liquid so to make them wet (but not soaked), and form the bottom layer.

Pour the cream previously prepared and place it in the fridge. Leave it at least a couple of hours, so that it solidifies.

Put the remaining 6g of isinglass to soak in a glass of water. Clean the persimmons, add a tablespoon of sugar and beat them for 2/3 minutes. Heat slightly a spoonful of persimmons and place the isinglass in it to dissolve. Once ready, pour the preparation into the rest of the persimmons and finally, the all fruit gel over the cheesecake. Return to the fridge again until it is time to consume it.


In this case we have no tips for other longitudes, as this recipe is already in itself a readjustment. We chose natural yogurt to avoid covering the taste of kaki, yet here the recipe leaves room for creativity, using flavored yoghurt. We always recommend preparing this dessert some time before consuming it.


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