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Our plans for 2023 and the projects we are currently involved in


Many of you asked in the questionnaire what are our plans for 2023 and what are the projects we are currently involved in. So, here we go Now we will share an overview of the main things we have our hands on right now, and in the next posts we will go more in detail with each of them, sharing also how you can join various projects.

First of, a small reminder - ExChange The World is an informal initiative of Anna and Andrea, it's not an organisation, yet we collaborate with some organisations as freelancers, volunteers and/or workers, using ExChange The World among others as a platform to share the projects which are connected to ExChange The World mission.

On a daily basis we collaborate with the following NGOs: 1. Fundacja Wyobraź sobie, where we are responsible mostly for adult education, although we also contribute to programs on global education for children and youth. This year we focus mostly on the WO(MEN) Empowerment project, co-financed by the European Union, and on introducing elements of sociocracy to the management system of the Foundation based on our 40-day job shadowing experience in Arterra. 2. KobieTY, where we focus mostly on youth, we organise together training for youth workers and right now we are part of a long term project called Soil Soul Society, being responsible for the Society side, in which we talk a lot about changemakers and how to become one. 3. Polish Scouting and Guiding Association is an organisation Anna has a life-long connection with as scout, leader, trainer, and project coordinator. We don't have a particular project ongoing right now, but it's with them that we prepared most of our products, like books with scenarios, board game or city exhibition.

These are the main organisations we collaborate with on a regular basis, although during last years we had a chance to co-create various things also with other organisations like ICAD, Fundacja Autonomia, Senfineco or Culture Shock and we are very grateful for those opportunities

We also have a side project called sayWorkshops. 4. sayWorkshops it's a community-based initiative, within which we organise workshops in English about socially and environmentally important topics. It was founded in 2014 and along the years it was taken over by participants. Since 2021 we are back on track, developing the idea in various directions thanks to the incubator program run by Stocznia.

And we work as freelance language teachers and trainers: 5. English/Italian teachers - we teach languages as freelancers, including socially and environmentally important topics, as well as our cultural and changemaking experience from our travels around the world (more info here). 6. Trainers/facilitators/coaches - we design, run and evaluate workshops and courses, mostly for NGOs, although we also have experience with public sector and businesses (more info here).

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