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How did you manage to get to Italy during the coronavirus?


#AskAQuestion - How did you manage to get to Italy during the coronavirus? Some of you asked how Anna was able to enter Italy while all the borders are closed. The answer is very simple - Italy never actually closed the borders for foreigners. Nobody want to go there now anyway. It's difficult to enter Italy because most of the means of transport are blocked, but there is no official restriction imposed especially for the crisis (at least not up to March). Nobody said anything to Anna since we landed in Rome, although she is not registered here, we are not related, etc. They asked her where she would stay but they wouldn't check why in this particular place. That's also why we are in Italy right now. Poland was not as open, Andrea wouldn't be allowed to enter. Yes, yes, we know we should be married. ;) Who knows, maybe that would be one positive result of coronavirus. ;) If you have more questions - about our journey, experiences, current situation, thoughts, about the changemakers we met or any other topic - drop us a line or write your question in a comment and we promise to answer!

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