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Changemaker ToolKit - EN


Dear all, today we have something really special for you. :) During the lockdown we have been working hard to prepare the Changemaker ToolKit - a platform with educational scenarios and the stories they are based on in 6 different languages! For now you can find there 17 scenarios for educators working with kids, youth and adults in Polish, English, Italian, Spanish, Romanian and Russian. Their main aim is to bring a global perspective and encourage people to become changemakers on a local level. Have a look, get inspired, use it the way you wish, help us to spread it around, give your feedback if you can and well... join as volunteer if you have a bit of time. ;) We have still plenty of materials to translate to any given language. ;) Together we can reach more people, give changemakers more voice and bring hope and inspiration where it's really needed. :) PS. A big THANK YOU to those who supported us in translation so far: Andrea Pucci, Aneta Tyszkiewicz, Anetta Dabija, Anna Książek, Alina Caraman, Alina Teddy, Aliya Yessenzhanova, Cristina Harbuz, Dagmara Mucha, Dana Chulkova, Daniel Marti, Diego Magallares, Ione Andia, Irina Iron, Irina Madan, Ionut Stoican, Magdalena Szwarczewska, Malika Murzagali, Mallaury Cervellera, Paul Rom, Priscilla Milis, Olga Velichanova, Swietłana Listopadska, Tecla Chiomio

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