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If we want to live in a better world we all need to become part of the change.

We believe everybody is a potential changemaker, first and foremost in their own lives, and then in their community. We travel the world looking for those who already act, who make a change for better.

We collect changemaker stories, describe their experiences and popularize their achievements in order to inspire more and more people. 


Our expedition, called ExChange the World, started in September 2015 from South-East Asia and covered so far (as of 2021) 38 countries from most of Europe, South America and South Asia.  

Along the way we interviewed more than 350 changemakers and volunteered in 30+ projects.


We tell their stories through presentations, workshops, courses and writing educational scenarios.

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How to (ex)change the world | Anna Książek | TEDxPiotrkowskaStreet

How to (ex)change the world | Anna Książek | TEDxPiotrkowskaStreet

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