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Look on the bright side


Skawina | Poland

I don’t like your question. What does it mean that I managed?

If I compare my situation with those of the girls from my block of flats in Skawina ... it’s true that some of them died already or are in a very difficult...

New lives to old textiles


Prague| Czech Republic

Have you ever heard about Circular Economy and how it works? There is no better example of it than FOREWEAR, a social business from the Czech Republic, which gives new lives to old clothes and unwanted textiles. Ma...

The sound of garbage


Bogota | Colombia

The Latin Latas play all kinds of music, including traditional Colombian cumbia, and they play all kinds of things - their instruments are made completely from… rubbish.

Everything started when I was working in a very diff...

Wanna go to Machu Picchu? Yes, but responsibly.


Cusco | Peru

We met Paul Cripps during the Changemaker Game we organized in Cusco with AYNICENTER, an hub for local activists. He has one of the very few B Corps in Peru, adventurer and owner of Amazonas Ex...

Being in the bus from Santa Cruz to Sucre, we asked the driver to leave us around 40 km before the city. He looked at us surprised – we were in the middle of nowhere. A valley surrounded by mountains, a small river and few houses here and there. We took our bags and st...

Enter the Game


Santiago | Chile

A lot of older people across Chile and many other countries in the world have too low a retirement to survive. At the same time it's very difficult to find a job for those who still want and can work. Servisenior answers this pr...

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We are Anna and Andrea, a Polish-Italian couple traveling around the world. We are looking for changemakers,  in order to describe and share their stories.

Our journey is based on exchange: story telling and other skills in exchange for a place to sleep and food. 

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