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We met him in Bangkok, during one of the first days of our journey around the world. We choose to start the adventure from Asia, hoping to experience cultures which approach life in a different way than ours, so strongly focused on rationality and ill disposed towards...

September 24, 2020

We mentioned many times we often use homestay exchange platforms as one of the methods to find lodging during our journey. It's not only us. There's a whole community of people that love to connect by offering and receiving hospitality for free. The Covid situation for...

September 13, 2020

#OurRelations – GENDER

Maybe you didn't know but Anna is a cis-woman and Andrea is a cis-man. Opposite to trans-, it means that our gender identity and expression matches the biological sex we were given when we were born. It also means we were raised as girl and boy re...

Let's come back to our #MilestoneExperience. After making the decision of quitting everything and travelling around the world - which, as we mentioned, was a rather long and painful process - followed a few months of exciting and scary preparation and finally the time...

Before Anna left Italy we decided to go for another spontaneous trip, this time walking the Way of St. Benedict, which stretches from Norcia to Monte Cassino, cutting Italy in two halves. The first day of our Camino we did only 12 km. We started around midday, as we sp...

In the last #Travel post we wrote about accommodation, how do we organize it during our journey. But we realized we haven't even mentioned the tent, which is quite an important part of the game. Not because we use it that often, hardly more than a few nights per trip,...

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We are Anna and Andrea, a Polish-Italian couple traveling around the world. We are looking for changemakers,  in order to describe and share their stories.

Our journey is based on exchange: story telling and other skills in exchange for a place to sleep and food. 

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