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May 28, 2020

Last #MileStoneExperience before we started to travel around the world was probably the coaching school. Inspired by John, I joined a one-year course to learn how to be a professional coach. Every 3-4 weeks I spent 2-3 days in Krakow getting to know very different appr...

May 27, 2020

A collection of Italian recipes cannot lack the Italian food par excellence: Pizza! However, what we suggest is an uncommon take, starting from the liquid ingredients instead of doing the classic well with flour.  Doing pizza is very easy, cheap and a great fun to make...

#AskAQuestion: What makes hopeful you (if you are) or any of the changemaker you've met on the way?

Decision. We believe that being hopeful or optimist is a matter of choice, sometimes despite the evidence. Quite a few changemakers mentioned that you need to be a bit...

Dear all. We got extremely touched by your reactions and replays to the posts about our relation. Recently we published few of them, mostly as #MileStoneExperience. We received a lot of messages and comments in which you shared with us your own experiences, difficultie...

May 22, 2020

Crescia sal furmai or Crescia d'Pasqua (Cheese bread or Easter bread, in the local dialect from Fano, Italy) is a cheese bread commonly made for Easter. That Sunday morning is traditionally the only day of the year when Italians eat a savoury breakfast. The bread comes...

Much of the world is slowly opening up after #corona lockdown. In Italy, were we are now, people can go for a walk, most of the shops got unshuttered, there are much less controls on mobility. Still bars and restaurants are closed, people can't travel between regions b...

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We are Anna and Andrea, a Polish-Italian couple traveling around the world. We are looking for changemakers,  in order to describe and share their stories.

Our journey is based on exchange: story telling and other skills in exchange for a place to sleep and food. 

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