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Candy sweet potatoes


In the permaculture farm of the Green Warrior school in Antique, Philippines much time is devoted to feed plants and animals. But when it comes to nourish themselves they are also very good. Everyone contributes in turn, so that the menu can boasts American, European and Australian diets. And of course from the Philippines.

During a break it is always good to enjoy something energetic t to gather the power to work in improving the farm, while learning how to build with natural materials and other tricks. One day we got a super nice cuddle from Lucy.

INGREDIENTS (8 serves):

5 bananas

10 sweet potatoes

2 teacups sugar

1/2 teacup of water

1/2 teacup of coconut milk

1 teaspoon of sesame seeds


Peel and slice potatoes and bananas. Melt the sugar in the water and bring it to boil. Add the chopped potatoes and cook it with low fire till the water is nearly gone. Sprinkle sesame seeds and pour the coconut milk and keep it on fire till it gets sticky (the all cooking process should take about 10/15 min).

TIPS TO OTHER LONGITUDES: This process fits many kind of veggies and fruits… be creative :)


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