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Take a step back


Take a step back

Earth Heir

Kuala Lumpur | Malaysia


It started when I was teaching English in a school in Cambodia – says Sasibai Kimis, founder of Earth Heir - I lived in​ Kampong Thom​ where I met​ weavers​ in villages​ and I realized how much they need ​an ethical ​intermediary ​to help them sell their products. A lot of weavers were not using loo​m​s anymore​ (many were using their looms to dry their laundry)​, their products were considered not profitable, they didn’t teach the skill to their children, they basically stopped weaving. I started to think what I c​ould ​do to help them and not let these​beautiful ​art forms​ disappear. It​initially just ​started as a ​hobby​, I used my own money, I bought ​some ​​ scarves and brought them back to Malaysia to sell to my friends and family. Few months later​,​ I met with​ Dato' Kim Tan,​ who I consider to be my mentor. He said: ​"Sasi, ​if you really want to change the li​ves​ of ​these​ women, you need to make ​this a​ ​sustainable ​business. You have to move them from ​the informal economy to ​the ​formal economy where they start to have access to services​, start paying taxes,​ and that improve​s​ the economy of their country.​"​ It was quite scary thought, I​had ​never run a business before. But I decided to try and I registered the company in February 2013.

As predicted, it was a difficult journey. Quitting a stable job and becoming​an ​entrepreneur requires a lot of ​perseverance​ and will.

One of the biggest challenges I faced is with myself, in a sense, it’s not an easy journey… with ​the corporate job​ I had​ previously,​ I used to earn a lot ​more money,​ and suddenly I decided to leave all that and earn basically nothing. ​Initially, ​​there were times when​… I felt embarrassed. ​Once,​ I was ​at a pop-up​ selling scarves and I saw some of the people I used to work with, I was like… oh, maybe I should go to the toilet so they don’t see me. I felt embarrassed ​at ​the thought of what my ex-colleagues would think of me...​I used to ​have more 'status'​ but now I’m ​here behind a table ​selling scarves. There were moments​​ I struggled with that, I struggled with my identity, who am I now? I don’t have this fancy job anymore, I’m nobody, I’m starting from scratch. One of the biggest things I learned​ in my journey as an entrepreneur​ ​is ​humility. No matter what you do, you are never too big or too important to do ​any task​. And then other challenges came of course, like feeling very, very discouraged​ because you are not making money and you have to pay people. You are not paying yourself anything and many, many times I wanted to give up, I thought it’s too hard, I can’t do this, I can’t go on. I needed​ ​counselling​, I was just about to ​break ​​​down, I ​was worried about my mental health​. Th​e​ journey of being an entrepreneur​,​ and trying to run a business ​was likely​ one of the biggest challenges I ​have faced​.

Today Earth Heir is a recognizable brand, slowly starting to be sustainable.

I guess one of the things I​ didn't ​expect, is that all this would get so much publicity. I actually ​didn't​ want that​!​ I ​would rather prefer them to buy our products​ :)​. That​ gives meaning to what we are doing and it gives dignity to the artisans. Sometime we ask the artisans group: hey, ​what ​else can we do for you? Can we give money to do this or that? And they answer: no, we want to earn money on our own. And it comes back to dignity. People don’t want charity. They want respect. They want to earn their money and use their money to do what they want. People think that the poor are greedy or less functional ​or ​just want our money. No. They want dignity. They want jobs to earn their own money and ​for us​ to respect them. And I think that’s why social entrepreneurship is so necessary. I believe this is how we can change the world. It is not by giving away a lot of money. It is by helping people earn money, teach them how to do it.

The best method for that is collaboration​, ​even with our competitors. Uniting with other social entrepreneurs in solving the same problems. We c​ould​ witness it in practice while participating ​at the launch of Fashion Revolution Malaysia​ organized by Sasibai​ & Laura​ ​at​ Impact Hub Kuala Lumpur. That one evening many social entrepreneurs working in the fashion field came together to raise awareness and share their experiences.

More of us need to think with​ a ​collaborative mind in the sense that, yes, you are running a business but actually if we help each other, if we work together, we can ​grow​ ​the ​business ​share ​for everybody. ​We can grow the pie together.

And there​ are​ more and more people who understand that, social entrepreneurs and changemakers, not only in Malaysia, but all over the world.

Take a step back and think what is important in your life​, what kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?​ Too often we don’t have time to think about that because life just happens and we keep going and going and we forget to think about big things of why we are here and where we are going. You need to know that if you choose to stay where you are, it’s your choice, hopefully it’s a conscious choice. Don’t let life to happen and then just one day look back at yourself and ask: what am I doing? You don’t want to regret the way you spent your life.


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