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How did he propose?


In the latter weeks you've asked lots of questions related to our decision of getting married. And here are our answers!

How did he propose?

Well, he didn't. It was a common decision. A proposal of the classic type, with a nervous man on his knee in front of an astonished woman, was never on the table. Anna couldn't stand the thought of her waiting for a guy to decide when it happens. ;) Of course, a proposal can be beautiful and romantic … an unforgettable moment. Fortunately, we already have plenty of such a memory in our story. :)

Did she change her surname?

No, she didn't. As you can imagine, Anna didn't really consider to change her surname. The only version we were musing about is both of us to change to a double surname, but all in all we didn't see much point in remake all the documents, etc. In fact, in Italy it's not very popular anymore to change the surname, Andrea's mother, sister, and aunt kept their surname after marriage, without adding the husband's. So did we.

Where are your rings?

In the shop. ;) We like the idea of having something symbolizing our union. We thought to buy them, we even went to a jewellery, chose them and made a pre-order, but finally we changed our mind. It was again Anna, her minimalistic soul didn't want to get hooked up to any material item, especially one that can be stolen or may attract unwanted attention in some of the places we travel to. And if we have to be careful or even leave the rings home, what's the point of having them at all? Yet, we don't exclude that one day, maybe during a #YearOfLove celebration, we will exchange symbols of our love. But we sort of wait for them to come to us. And we are open for symbols to change with time.

Did you marry in the church? Or do you plan so?

No. Although we define ourselves as quite spiritual people, our spirituality is not strongly related to any particular religion. In our opinion marrying in the church while not fully following the catholic religion is quite disrespectful toward those who believe in it.

Did she have a white dress?

Yes, sort of. You can see it in the photo below. It's the dress in which Anna's mother got married, quite some years ago. :)

Do you marry twice – in Poland and in Italy?

Officially we married in Italy, and in Poland we will just submit papers to make the wedding recognized. There was no strong argument for doing it in one country or the other, it was more of a logistic decision, for long time we considered both options.

Do you plan a traditional wedding?

We don't. For many reasons. One of them is that our friends and families are spread around Poland, Italy and few other countries and making them all gather in one place is quite a challenge. Secondly, we are not so much into the traditional wedding formats (neither Polish nor Italian. And btw the fact they are quite different doesn't make things easier), which require a lot of time, energy, money and nerves and often become more of a show than a ritual of union. We've seen weddings which were different, that's true, and this also inspired us to look for our own way. Last but not least, you may not believe it but beside being against obligations and given norms, Anna is also an introverted person, and for her being the whole day in the middle of the attention of a big group of people is not exactly a dream-of-a-lifetime kind of situation. Considering that, as well as Covid restrictions, we turned toward smaller feasts, which allow deeper connection and creative experimentation of how love can be celebrated. To know more, follow our #YearOfLove #Celebration posts.

Finally! Now, what about kids?

Nope, no kids. But that's meat for a whole new post. ;)

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